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It’s my mum’s birthday! 
Late night present wrapping is proving quite therapeutic!
Can’t wait to surprise her with the rest of our family & friends later today🎈🎉 Can you tell I’m a mommy’s girl…
Day 9
Bought Heroine by Mac today (matte life, always). Been waiting on this baby for a while. 
Becoming a Mac addict, second Mac lipstick this week💄💋
Sharkin’ shops 
Day 8
Queen indecisive!
I decided 100% I wanted to dye my hair chocolate brown, so why am I now even blonder.
Blame it on the sunshine🌞🐝
A whole summer without this view! Liverpool nights👌
Day 7
Slowly but surely tackling my room, one hot mess at the moment. Soon to be all w/b🎨
New deliveries, brightest purchase of 2014 from me, to me.
S/S dress🌞🌴
Day 6
It was just a joke baby! I’m not really going to break up with you!
Calm down, stop crying ‘rellypoo.
Pharrell has also effortlessly been the best imaginary boyfriend to me for about 6 years now.
Sunny spring strolls & cherry blossom trees🌞🐝
Day 5
The feeling you get from spontaneously deciding to  redecorate your bedroom, especially when you’re a home decor addict! #allwhiteverything #allblackeverything
It’s all going to take a long while but it’ll be worth it😊🎨
Last night, spontaneous night out with my very best friend. Nothing compares! Day 3
Been a naughty girl, Mac and Estée Lauder. Sorry not sorry!